mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

Good Luck NZ!

We'll try again next year....Italy want SSWC2011!!!

lunedì 21 settembre 2009

Thanks Isaac, David, Jean Baptiste...

.. and everyone supported our effort to have the organization for 2010 Worlds, we lost a basketball game so we all have to check flights to New time we'll ask Bargnani and Belinelli to come to help!

venerdì 18 settembre 2009

Pimp my Ride

Our special team is in Durango for the decider, cheer for them!

martedì 15 settembre 2009

SSWC09 most wanted?

We have a small run of cycling caps made to support our candidature in Durango... Try to have one an cheer for Italy!
Thanks to for the pics

lunedì 14 settembre 2009